Evernus Williams

The Story of Abigail

These paintings relate the story of Abigail, a fallen angel who denies Godsí grace and directly blames the world and Christ for death and destruction. Upon awakening from a nightmare, Abigail falls through the Gates of Hell. In his darkness he encounters the Shades. These are shadows of the underworld. They are the tragedies of the human condition which he must confront, since the fall of mankind has predisposed humanity to suffering.

Ultimately Abigail makes his way through each coil of a nautilus shaped descent. Through prayer and suffering, Abigail eventually attains self realization and is given a vision of the crucifixion.

He finds himself waking from unconsciousness. His eyes are opened to the corruption of Mankind. The devastation it has caused the earth and the pain of the world soul. Abigail finds that there is still beauty and hope within humanity, as long as he can recognize it through love and through nature around him.

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